Student Led Conferences

Dear Scholars and Parents,

Thank you for coming out for your child’s parent-teacher conferences.  🙂 I was so excited to meet with you.  I was extremely excited to see our 4th grade students participating in the portion of the conference that was student-led.  This year I wanted students to take ownership of their successes as well as reflect on the areas they wanted to work on for the 2nd trimester.  It was important for them to reflect on their achievements and the areas they were going to work on.  It is teaching them ownership of their education.  We were also excited to show you their Common Core Data Binders.  They have been working so hard on their Common Core Data Binders.  It was excited to share them with you during the conference.  It was wonderful seeing the students discuss their grades and their scores as they took you on a tour through their binders.

After this week, for those who attended their parent-teacher student led conference, your child’s data binder will be coming home weekly for you to review.  If you were unable to attend, please contact me to set up a time to review the binder and what the expectations are with the data binders. 

Here are some photos from our parent-teacher conferences.  These photos show the part of the conferences that were student-led.  I am very proud of our 4th graders.  I appreciate your support with their academic progress and I am grateful for all the work you do with them at home, encouraging them to complete their reading logs as well as their homework.

Scholars-you are all destined to do AMAZING things in life if you believe and work hard.

*Thanks parents for letting me share these photos!!!  🙂



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2 responses to “Student Led Conferences

  1. faireducationchild

    You are by far one of the best teachers ever! Bancroft is LUCKY to have you!

  2. Ms. Long (Data Coach)

    Congratulations on implementing this high impact strategy with such great results! I am so excited and impressed to see your students taking ownership of their learning! Great pictures!

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