2014-2015 Field Trips

October 22nd, 2012

Today our class went to the Dupont Environmental Station in Wilmington Delaware.  We had an amazing time.  The students learned many different things at each of the stations they traveled to.  We had WONDERFUL parents coming as chaperones and AMAZING tour leaders.  Students focused on the essential question from their Land and Water Unit.  How do land and water interact to change the shape of the earth?  Students learned about mass and gravity and the connection between the tides and the moon.  They saw the tide going out and discussed how the tide moves in and out approximately every 6 hours.  Students worked in groups and did water experiments.  They looked at how long it would take a puddle to disappear on the road, on dirt, and on plants.  They looked at turtle shells and also saw a live turtle.  They did a map project where they had to determine where each part of the marsh and parts of the city were located.  They had an opportunity to use nets to look for living things in the water.   One of our tour guides, Lennon did an amazing job and welcomed all of our students questions.  The students learned so many new things.    They even learned that the Indians used to use dirt as sun block and for bee stings.  The kids thought that was so silly!!!!  🙂

We can’t wait to post our many pictures from our field trip.  Below is a quick sneak peek of our field trip.  Please check back for more photos.   

DuPont Environmental Station




Our 4th grade classes had an amazing time on our field trip to the Queen Theatre.
We attended what is called a Bridge Session. Students had an opportunity to be apart of an interactive session where they learned about sounds, notes, instruments, and rhythm. Be sure to check out the information document below outlining what are trip consisted of.
This trip was possible by the many contributors to the project such as Bank of America.
We heard amazing sounds from 3 musicians. One musician plays for the Philadelphia Orchestra and one is in his own band.

The students also gave the musicians words such as an adjective, noun, a favorite place, and a favorite animal.
The musicians then took these words and made a blues song out of it! The students truly enjoyed it.
At the end, the Queen Theatre treated all of the students to a pretzel on their way out.

The staff were amazing and we truly had a great time!!!
Here are some photos from our trip. 🙂

A special thanks to the Eastside Community School at Bancroft Elementary for planning this trip for us!!!

DuPont Environmental Center

Our school will be going on October 20th in the morning. Buses will pick up from school at 9:00am and will arrive at the center at 9:15. The busses will return at 11:30 and classes should plan to eat back at school.

Contact Mrs. Eller if you are interested in being a chaperone!

Photos from our Field Trip to the Dupont Environmental Center
Students had a blast. Mrs. Nancy our tour guide was the greatest! Student participated in hands on activities and experiments. Students also had an opportunity to use nets to try and find living things in the marsh area. Students found tadpoles, shirmp, and many other interesting things. It was a windy, cold, and absolutely beautiful morning. Students also had an opportunity to look through a telescope to look at a nest of an osprey. Enjoy our photos. More to come!


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